Transponders are REQUIRED for Hare Scrambles, Motocross and Pitbike

Once you have successfully completed pre-registering for this event, you will be directed to eScoreMX to reserve your rental.

The cost is $20.00 per racer and can be used for both Hare Scrambles, Motocross and Pitbike.

Rentals will be available at the event for $15.00 per racer (cash) or $20.00 per racer (credit card).  Cash rentals will be required to leave an additional deposit of $100 which will be refunded upon return of the rental transponder at the event. Credit Card rentals will not be charged the deposit of $100 unless the transponder is not returned at the end of the event.



1.  New for 2024, an Off-Road Paddock Parking Vehicle Pass ($75) will be required. This is available to purchase during Race Registration. This pass allows the holder access to Off-Road Paddock with overnight camping through Sunday.

2.  Competitor Off-Road Paddock Parking Vehicle Pass must be presented at the time of entry to the facility along with Weekend General Admission ticket and proof of Race Pre-Entry.

3.  One (1) vehicle, RV or RV with tow vehicle per pass.

4.  No entry to off-road paddock without Off-Road Paddock Vehicle Pass

5.  Ross Road Gate is EXIT and RE-ENTRY ONLY.

6.  Any early arrivals will be directed to a staging parking lot off-site.

7.  AMA Staff will direct all parking. Fire lanes must be respected.

8.  Marking off space for competitors prior to the July 25, 9 am opening WILL NOT be allowed. Any marked off space will be removed prior to opening the gate at 9 am.


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