Welcome to Horn Rapids Motorsports Complex!

HRMC is the premier motocross track and off-road facility in the Pacific Northwest.

With multiple tracks and over 300 acres of sandy loam desert trail riding, we have plenty to offer for the off-road enthusiast. Trails consist of rolling hills and desert terrain in which are open to all off road vehicles.


Riders can use this site to register for races, rent transponders, purchase HRMC passes and more anywhere they can find an internet connection.

All riders and spectators will need to sign a waiver when entering the facility. You can print off the form found on our website and bring it to the gate to make your life easier.


See you at the track" BBBRRRAAAPPP!!!!

Rocky Mountain MC/ATV Gift Credit
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Event Date:  10/7/2023
Mini Youth Warrior SAT - 10/7/2023
Online Reg Closes:  2023-10-07T15:30:00Z


Welcome to the 10th Annual
Mini/Youth Warrior MX Challenge!

This is for Saturday, Oct 7th 2023 ONLY

Transponders are required for this event in order to get a scoring position.

All races will follow AMA rules. Limited classes must follow the limited class equipment standards listed.

No trophies will be awarded on Saturday. Classes will be awarded for an overall finish of the 4 motos (2 on Saturday, 2 on sunday).

Gates open for the event @ 6:00am
Practice starting @ 8:00am
You will need to check in at the sign in tower to pick up your practice tickets
Rider's meeting at the sign-in tower @ 9:45am
Race order will be posted after registration has closed. This will be around 9:45am
Racing starts @ 10:00am

Riders may only participate in one game class.
Example: Rider can not participate in both Parent/Child 50cc and Parent/Child 65cc.


NOTE: If you are unable to sign up with your racing number, put a "x" or "/" at the end. There is another rider in your class signed up with the same number. You will have to mark all three number plates on your bike with a contrasting color.

If are trying to register more than one transponder for one rider, please enter the smallest transponder# into the online registration, and see sign in on the day of the event. This makes our life much easier, thanks!

Refund Policy:  There are no refunds after the start of practice for the event. No refunds on service fees.
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AMA Memberships are required for this event, if you do not have one, you may purchase or renew online.
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