2024 KPRL Membership
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CHILD MEMBERSHIP (Please enter the childs name and DOB for the racer when you select child membership) YOU MUST FIRST COMPLETE and PAY FOR AN ADULT MEMBERSHIP BEFORE DOING A CHILD MEMBERSHIP

Please fill out and pay for each membership seperately (you will have seperate charges on your card for each rider that your register) We have to do it this way so we can have the individual information for each person. 

There must be at least one paid adult membership to accompany a childs membership

New Member (150.00)
Renewing Member (125.00)
Spouse of a Member (75.00)
Child 17 and under (25.00)

Enter your transponder ID number if you did not race with us last year. If you need to purchase a transponder, please select a 1 year subscription, and leave the transponder ID box BLANK, your transponder ID will be assigned to you. If you are renewing an already purchased transponder then you will do that from your SPEEDHIVE APP.

When choosing a racing number, if you were a member last year, please use the same number. If you are a new member or raced as a non member last year, please choose a number that is available from the numbers list on our website. If you choose a taken number you will be asked to change it. We try and stay away from duplicates as much as possible, so please do NOT order any graphics with a race number until verify it is available.

Our rulebook, forms, number lists, payout schedules and pre race registration can also be found on our website. 

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Lacie Kelly at or 907-252-9115

Refund Policy:  Please contact for refunds, you may be subject to a credit card refunding fee.
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