Lincoln Trail


1. Social distancing is key. Always keep at least 6 feet between each other at all times while on the property. Please keep spectators to a minimum.

2. Vehicles must park parallel to one another leaving no less than 10 feet on all sides. Overnight parking is permitted. Parking areas will be monitored and enforced by event staff.

3. Please stay in your pit area unless going to/from registration, concessions, restrooms or the racetrack. Excessive pit riding will not be tolerated.

4. Online registration will remain open until 8:00am Sunday morning.  

5. Correct change should be used for all cash transactions at the event. All gate fees are cash only.

6. One mechanic is allowed per rider in the staging/starting area. No other support crew is permitted. Riders must be in full gear, including helmet, at all times while on the starting line.

7. Mechanics area and bleachers/seating areas will be closed or removed.

8. No special events or group activities will be permitted.

9. Only 5 customers will be allowed in the Pro Shop at a time. Results will be posted online, in the pro shop and outside the registration area.

10. Anyone experiencing COVID-19 symptoms is not allowed. If you are feeling sick, stay at home.

Online Registration for
Rnd 3 Fly Showdown Series

Expired:  Sunday, May 24, 2020
Registration will be open at the venue on the day of the event.