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Event Date:  6/8/2024
2024 Case Racing EDT National Round 2 - 6/8/2024
Online Reg Closes:  2024-06-07T22:00:00Z

Welcome to the New East Extreme Dirt Track Series event registration.  We are the EDT National Championship Series and the premier ATV EDT National Series. 

Registering for an event does not include a Pit Pass nor the optional practice if track holds an optional practice the date prior to event. Those are available at the event only.   

An included  practice session is held for all registered riders on date of event ONLY. Rider get One session per rider date oif event.  All riders must pass tech inspection prior to entering track on date of event.  All riders under 18 years old must complete the minor release form and leave at registration.  A rider is responsible to enter correct class based upon age, skill, and qualifications.  Information can be found at,com for event information and rules. 

Thanks for coming and best of luck and miost importantly Have FUN!!  This is our great escape! 

Refund Policy:  No Refunds Except if Event is canceled for weather once registered. Administration Fees are Non-Refundable.
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