Oak Hill

In efforts to help minimize the spread of COVID-19, and keep our staff & customers healthy, we ask you to please respect & adhere to the following procedures during your visit. Spread out and keep your distance. We have plenty of space available for everyone to park at a safe distance from others.  

Bring your own hand sanitizers & any other cleaning supplies you see fit for your own protection. If you are sick or have been around others that are sick, please stay home.

Any minor practicing or racing at this event must come with a notorized letter from Parent or Legal guardian giving permission for another adult to act as quardian.  You can print the form by Visiting http://www.americanmotorcyclist.com/Story/risk-management-and-waivers 


Thanks you Oak Hill Raceway / OHR Management LLC




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Thursday (July 1st, 2021)

4:00pm - 11:00pmGate Hours


Friday (July 2nd, 2021)

7:00am – 11:00pmGate Hours

8:00pm – 5:00pm Practice/Race Registration

9:00am – 3:00pm Organized Practice


Saturday (July 3rd, 2021)

6:00am - 11:00pmGate Hours

6:30am - 8:00amRegistration Hours (Tower)


Riders meeting at conclusion of Practice

Note: (1st three classes report to Staging with Rider & Bike)

Opening Ceremonies

Racing Begins

10 am 250 Pro Sport

2pm Open A Pro Sport


Sunday (July 4th, 2021)

6:00amGate Opens


Racing Begins

10 am 250 Pro Sport

2pm Open A Pro Sport

VET Classes on Sunday only


Classes include (all classes are Mod unless Specified):

51cc Shaft Drive Limited

51cc (4-6) Special Limited

51cc (4-6) Limited

51cc (7-8) Limited

Mini-E (4-8) Open Limited

51cc (4-8) Limited

65cc (7-9) Limited

65cc (7-9)

65cc (10-11) Limited

65cc (10-11)

65cc (7-11)

85cc (9-11) Limited

85cc (9-12)

85cc (9-13)

85cc C (9-15)*

Girl 65-85 (7-13)

Mini Sr 1 (12-14)

Mini Sr 2 (13-15)

Supermini 1 (12-15)

Supermini 2 (13-16)

Girls Sr (12-16)

Womens (12+)

125cc (12-17)

Schoolboy 1 (12-17)

Schoolboy 2 (12-17)

College (18-24) Sportsman

250 C Jr (12-16) Limited

250 C (12+) limited

250 C (12+)

250 B (12+) Limited

32 250 B (12+)

250 A Pro Sport $60 (10am)

450 C (12+)

450 B (12+) Limited

450 B (12+)

Open A Pro Sport $60 (2pm)

Junior (25+)

Vet (35+)”Racing Sunday”

Senior (45+)”Racing Sunday”

Master (50 +)”Racing Sunday”


Fees (Gate Fees Cash Only) Under 6 yrs Free unless racing

$10 Gate Passes/person/day ($30 Weekend Pass) (Gate Fee $10 after 3pm Saturday)

Dry camping $15/day Hookup $40/day

$45 Entry for Online Registration only - All Amateur Classes (Online Reg Closes 07/01/21)

$55 Entry for those who Registration at The Tower- All Amateur Classes

$60 Pre/Post Entry 250A/Open A Pro Sport

$30 Friday Practice Fee


*WRISTBANDS must be worn at all times. You will need your wristband to register, practice, race and while on the property. If your band becomes tattered and worn, you may exchange it at the front gate with your receipt. Loss of armband will require the purchase of another.



Registration:Pre-Registration is Encouraged!!!


Online signup will be open Monday. Jun. 1st – Thursday. July 1st at 11pm CST. Registration (At Track) accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express or EXACT CASH ONLY.NO CHECKS!! No change will be made at registration for cash transactions.

We ask that only rider, or in the event of minor rider, their parent, attend registration alone.

Any minor attending the event without a parent must come with a notarized letter from Parent or Legal Guardian giving permission for another adult to act as Guardian/ Authorized Adult. Guardian/Authorized Adult with minor must have two copies of “notarized” statement to be able to sign releases for minor. Minor’s parental consent can be found on the Freestonemx.com website under minor consent tab.

Riders “MUST” bring last 4 digits of VIN of every bike competing on when registering.

To “finalize” race entry, riders who pre-entered (including parent/guardian if rider is a minor) MUST check in at registration (tower) to sign releases, entry form, and get practice sticker before you will be allowed to practice or race.

Other Information:

Age Effective: January 1, 2021

AMA membership REQUIRED, and available at track or online at:

http://www.amajoin.com/TEMOGR. Please renew or join BEFORE you arrive at Track on the AMA website.

Bike Wash Available

No Pit Bike Riding

Permitted Pit Vehicles include:

Golf Carts & Side X Sides, Utility Vehicles- MUST have Valid Drivers License (DL) to operate vehicle.

Scooter & Bicycles with Helmet.

All Permitted Pit Vehicles must be parked for the night by 10:00PM

Event Information:

Factory Contingency: KTM &Yam.

Event Awards for Amateur Classes 1st-5th

No Trophies to Expert/Pro Classes

2 Moto Format (Divisions if necessary)


Track Info:

Track (Oakhill): (940) 577-2225 www.oakhillmx.com