Welcome to Trackside Pre-Registration for RedBud MX events.

Rocky Mountain MC/ATV Gift Credit
Event Date:  8/21/2020
Vet Fest
Online Reg Closes:  8/20/2020 12:00:00 AM CST

2020 VetFest MX - Registration is open!  AMA membership isn't required for this event, but we encourage everyone to join!  If you're a member, enter your number and it will be saved in our database next time you race at RedBud.

WARRIOR CLASS is not included online since it's free and we need to verify military ID, but it will be offered at the track and will pay D14 points.  Current AMA and D14 membership required to earn points.

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If you need to purchase or renew your AMA membership, you may purchase or renew online.

You may also proceed with online registration but you'll need purchase a daypass or join/renew at the event.

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