REP Racing
Event Date:  7/4/2020
PCMX Saturday 9:00 AM-2:00 PM 07/04/2020
Online Reg Closes:  7/4/2020 2:00:00 AM CST

Dear Riders, 

We are only allowed 50 riders per practice at Riverfront so we are doing an online registation system because the last thing we want to do is turn riders away when we fill up.

There are NO SPECTATORS allowed at the track with the exception of ONE parent per minor rider. We want to reiterate that if your child is OVER 18 years old you cannot come in to spectate with them. 

We are doing split times for Tuesday so make sure you are singing up for the correct time!!

Please park 10ft apart, and do not group up to hang out with your buddies. You can all still have conversations 10ft apart. We want to continue to remain open for you all so please follow the standard social distancing rules. You will still have to sign the regular sign in sheets when you arrive so please bring your own pen (Blue or Black Ink ONLY). If you forget to bring one we will have sanatized ones at the track for you to use. We appreciate your business and hope that you and your family are staying safe! We can't wait to get back to racing! 


REP Racing

**E-Street is also still open, if you miss the cut off for Riverfront you can still ride E-street!**

Refund Policy:  Please Note: If you do not show up for your scheduled ride time you will not receive a refund.
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