Village Creek MX


Minors Consent



All minor riders under the age of 18 attending an event at Village Creek MX must have a parent present or an appointed guardian/authorized adult with notarized statement from parents or legal guardian giving permission for another adult (this includes step-parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, brothers, sisters, grandparents, etc.) to act as authorized adult indicating they have been given the authority to be responsible for the minor and to be able to sign releases for minor in order to compete, practice or participate in any activities at Village Creek MX.  The parents, legal guardian or authorized adult must remain present on the premises while the minor in question he/she is responsible for is at the event.  All persons with minor signing any release must be prepared to show proof of identity and guardianship.

Two notarized statements are needed … one to file with the event clerk at registration and the other to be kept with guardian/authorized adult for their own records or needs.

If you are a guardian/authorized adult, please present your notarized document at registration.

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